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Animal & Pet Photography

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Dog Portrait © TQ Lee Green Tree Snake Swoop
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Dog Portrait

I very nearly stumbled over this dog at the market one day - so unassuming and focused on minding his own business.

As he watched the foot traffic pass him by, I was so impressed with his stoicism that I wanted to capture the moment for myself. My guess is that he is a pomeranian, although the markings would indicate he is getting on in age, is a mixed breed, or never grew out of his border collie phase.

I have two dogs of my own, so I feel naturally drawn to pet photography . If you'd like a dog portrait or cat portrait for your home or office, I'd love a chance to meet your caninne or feline bestie!

  Animals & Pet Photography
by TQ Lee.

For as long as I can
remember. I've loved photographing animals
- especially pets.

It's always a delight to
capture such human-like
qualities in such
unpredictable subjects.

- TQ -

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