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  Designer Breakfast | Food Portraits by TQ Lee  

Food Portraits

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  Inedible Photo Series by TQ Lee

Designer Breakfast - A Food Portrait for Amanda

Food is a language of its own. The food photography genre itself is often portrayed as stylised fiction; an in situ storyline, a representation of exaggerated reality. And so I asked myself, if entire cultures can be inferred based on the food they eat, perhaps individuals can be introduced this way too?

My Food Portraits series was born out of my desire to photograph some of my favourite people entirely through the language of food; the meals presented here are what I would make and serve my subjects myself.

While the series is deeply personal to me, I enjoyed photographing this series very much and would relish the opportuity to continue making pictures like this for others. If you've ever wondered what you or your loved ones might look like from a culinary perspective, please, get in touch.

Above is a food portrait of and for Amanda - a very talented graphic designer with a penchant for monochromes and pop colour placement. She loves to Instagram a good breakfast.

  Food Portraits by TQ Lee

Inspired by the still life genre, in this food portrait series, I was seeking to explore the idea of a person's identity through food in order to manifest the old adage that you are what you eat.

If you'd like to commision a food portrait for your wall or as a gift, I would welcome the opportunity.

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