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  Southern Style Sponge w/ a half-pint of Piss © 2013 TQ Lee  


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Southern Style Sponge w/ a half-pint of Piss

Yes it is. And, yes I did.

I was out shopping and saw these sponges, and the idea of creating this image was fully formed in my mind. I needed a beverage to soak up the spongey drumsticks and nuggets and so I added the piss part as a pun - being a colloquial word for cheap beer.

Originally, as a bit of a nod to Andres Serrano, I was going to title this Piss 'n Crisps.

  Inedible by TQ Lee

Part visual pun, part social comment on convenience food, Inedible is a still life photographic series of meals made from unconventional ingredients.

Every element in these dishes
are considered inedible in insolation. Together, do they
whet or surpress your appetite?


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