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  Affenpinscher © 2013 TQ Lee  

Selected Works

  Toy Kitchen   Beach Bike Ride   St Kilda Pavillion  
Kristian Handscape © 2013 TQ Lee Watch Your Step © 2013 TQ Lee
Koi Pond Waxed Rolled Socks Dog Portrait © TQ Lee

Terms of Use

1. Just like any other website on the wild wild web, take care when using this site as there are internet nasties that I may not be able to block or control. This includes pages I link to.

2. Every image on this website was created by me. Feel free to share my work, but please do not alter it and provide appropriate link backs and credit, I'd really appreciate it.

3. If you'd like a better resolution copy of my work to share on your blog, website or publication, I'd be delighted to oblige. Just contact me.

4. I love that you're reading this - that's dedication. If you'd like a print of any of the works shown here, mention these Terms of Use and I'll happily extend mates rates to you. Thanks!


TQ Lee is a Melbourne
photography student and artist.

My artwork centres on ideas of fun, humour and ambiguity. Influenced by my childhood, I enjoy injecting playfulness into all the imagery
that I produce.

This website features stories of that celebrate the quiet beauty that surrounds me. I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear from you if you'd like to see more.

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