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Waste of a Week

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This "Waste of a Week" photo series was inspired by still life paintings.

The still life genre was historically used to communicate and immortalise a person's abundance, wealth and in some instances, game killed for food or sport. A pictorial trophy of a noble person's conquests and spoils were often beautiful yet simultaneously, grotesque.

Today, supermarkets are a status equaliser. Stores are stocked endlessly and accessible by all, 24/7. Nonetheless the spoils, from all of this abundance remain equally gorgeous and gross.

Naturally, Sunday dinner consisted of a roast - Peri Peri marinade chicken drumsticks to exact, which we had with a spicy home-made cous cous. An imported and partially melted "fun pack" of Green Tea Kit Kat finished the evening on a sugar high.

  Waste of a Week by TQ Lee

Styling is one of my favourite aspects of photography, and so documenting a week's worth of garbage for this still life
series seemed like a good
way to challenge myself.

I didn't include Saturday
because on the 7th day, the
creator rested (by eating out).


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